You Love Seafood? You’ll Love Sydney Fish Market!

We tend to visit the fish market at least once every time we are in town. It is more boutique-like, upmarket, and maybe touristy than many other famous fish markets, and it is also very small for a major metropolis like the Australian capital, but it has got a lot of charm, offers great ready-to-eat food from takeaway to restaurant, and the prices for fresh seafood are very reasonable, in many cases straight-out cut-price, not just by Australian standards. Fresh whole octopus, for example, is just AUD20/GBP 14 per kilogram, can’t complain about that.





It’s nice to stroll around the market and check out the fresh produce for half an hour or an hour. After that we usually have lunch at one of the various venues. This time, my wife’s brother very generously invited the whole family to Doyle’s seafood self-service restaurant, next to the pier, with a lovely view of this part of the bay and the many boats.




We had three large seafood platters for 7 adults and our 5-year old niece, and it was a feast that didn’t leave anyone hungry. I particularly liked the lobster covered in cream/cheese sauce, and the beautiful grilled barramundi fillets.

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