Pork Belly from Hell

Our blog seems to be drifting more and more into pork, this being the third recent post about pig meat, but it had to be done.

I had a business meeting with an old acquaintance of mine from the U.S. near London Bridge for lunch yesterday, and thought might as well make use of the TasteCard, which gives you a discount of 50% at some 7,000 or so restaurants in London (many of which are chains like Pizza Express, but some are decent restaurants, we do not get any favours from TasteCard to recommend them).

brigade-interior   brigade-bldg-theme

The Brigade in an old fire station in Tooley Street, with a top 10% rating on Tripadvisor, caught my eye and I made a reservation. The atmosphere and service are on the right side of the pleasantness scale and our food arrived quickly, after just 10 minutes. We had both ordered pork belly as we’re great fans of this part of the pig, but boy was this a disappointment on a gigantic scale. The skin was soggy and chewy, the whole piece consisted mainly of flabby fat and it was difficult to decide what was worse, the looks, the taste, the texture.

We paid our bill and one thing is for sure, we will not be back.

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