CREAM Café – Chillaxed atmosphere and good vibes

I tried out CREAM Café in Shoreditch today for a late breakfast, more by accident than by occasion. A business partner had stood me up and I was in the area and felt hungry, so went into the first best place around.


The atmosphere is very pleasant, with cool music (this morning: 1980s heavy metal and hard rock, on other occasions it’s different music apparently), lots of space, pot plants, nice-enough décor, and an abundance of plugs to plug in your laptop.


I ordered Sweet Potatoes with Spinach and Red Lentils, which came with a mix of herbs, bit like pesto, that were thickened and contained a pleasant amount of vinegar and olive oil. Very large portion and quite tasty. I made the mistake of ordering my latte with almond milk, just to try something new. I presume it’s the almond milk, but the texture of my latte was not up to scratch and little bits of thicker particles were floating around in my glass and it all tasted watery.

I was one of only five customers at the time, so not surprisingly the service was quick. It was very friendly too and I was asked how I enjoy my meal.


My plate was not perfectly clean, even though it was not obvious on first sight, mainly fingerprints of the waitress that had held it, and a few bits and bobs of vegetables from the kitchen, and a fruit fly was circling around me until I sent it to fruit fly heaven, so, to cut it short, I think this place has potential. I like the fact that their ingredients are high-quality and fresh, that they vary their menu (per their menu on a daily basis), and put together simple but tasty menus, but on the other hand they’re pricey for the area and there are definitely areas of improvement.

Might be back in any case, as it’s good to see new start-ups, as often in the area and want to find out if it’s true what they say on Tripadvisor, that the scrambled eggs with salmon are on the right end of the deliciousness scale.


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