Brunch at Sofra

Shepherd Market in Mayfair is one of our favourite locations in London. It’s got that villagy feel about it, like you’re somewhere in a small town in East Sussex, yet it is in the very heart of London.

We’ve tried a few of the restaurants and pubs in the area and enjoyed all of them. This time we went for brunch at Sofra, a few yards away from the Market in 18 Shepherd Street. The Independent called the menu “contemporary Turkish food that has made the elegant transition from traditional to cosmopolitan without stopping off to become self-conscious or fussy,” which seems about right.

We particularly liked the Eggs with cured meat, Pastirmali Yumurta. The cured meat (Pastirmali) is sometimes wrongly translated into Pastrami, but to us felt more similar to Italian Bresaola, but much more spicy (in a good way!). A perfect match for the by definition relatively bland egg (Yumurta).

The Turkish coffee was very impressive. It had an incredibly dark full brown colour and tasted delicious. Service was very quick and professional too.

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