Japanese pancakes and Samuel Beckett

Perhaps the only thing in common between Samuel Beckett and savoury Japanese pancakes is their simplicity.

Last week, we went to Abeno to grab a quick bite before catching Beckett’s “All That Fall” at the Arts Theatre.

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Abeno is one of Europe’s only specialist “Okonomi-yaki” (savoury Japanese pancakes) restaurants.  And it was a delight to check it out.  I had the prawn pancake, and hubs had the pork pancake.  They were cooked before us by the proficient staff.  They stayed hot on the stove plates and the flavours were savoury.  Both were delicious, and light to have just before the heavy theatre….

thumb_IMG_2772_1024_Fotor           thumb_IMG_2781_1024_Fotor   

“All That Fall” is a one-act radio play written by Samuel Beckett in 1956.  We were given eye-masks to cover our eyes so we could experience the play as originally intended –  through audio only.  It has a simple plot but was rather too heavy for me.  I couldn’t even take a nap with the eye-masks provided… Feel welcome to check out our (more insightful and extensive) other theatre reviews, for example of Art, No Man’s Land, The Libertine, or X.


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  1. Great post! This was a good review and the audio theatrical play seems very interesting. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best. -Chris Thompson

    1. Thanks, Chris. Appreciated. Very early days here with our new blog, but hope to get some more posts out after this coming bank holiday weekend when we’re off to Riga and Vilnius. Hopefully we’ll see you here again. It would be great if you’d want to leave more comments.

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