Five Guys For Purebred Burger Lovers

Yesterday night after theatre we went for a quick bite at Five Guys in 1 Long Acre, WC2E 9LH. They only do burgers (well, and dogs and sandwiches), but they do them very, very well.

Every burger has two patties of lovely beef, all the extras are free, and it’s only £6.75 for a sizeable and very tasty hamburger (cheeseburgers are £8), what’s not to like. In a perfect world they would have used Swiss cheese like Emmental and not the U.S. style melt cheese, but it’s not a Swiss burger place, and the cheese was tasty, so all forgiven.

The ‘little’ hamburger is only £4.75, but is probably the same size as most regular burgers at other places.

Five guys is made to look like the average Joe’s corner joint somewhere in a small town in Milwaukee and we enjoyed the atmosphere and the fact that there is a lot of space between the tables and in front of the counter. Staff were helpful and they all had friendly smiles on their faces.

Marina O’Loughlin from the Guardian, in her “Search of the Perfect Burger” in mid-2013 gave the joint a mere 1/5, we’re thinking it might have to do with what you’re looking for. There is nothing stylish or sophisticated or particularly creative or new about these burgers. If you’re not a solid burger lover, then you probably don’t even find their looks pleasing, deformed and squeezed into silver foil with sauces dripping and toppings floating around.

However, if you’re looking for a very juicy top-quality burger with a lot of beef and nice but completely unspectacular garnish, this is a very good choice.

We’re planning on coming back.

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