Trevor’s Travel Trivia – Part I


Australia’s Most Dangerous Animals


20 deaths per year – Horses: well, the deaths included riding accidents as well as horses kicking at people, it’s not like the horses actively poisoned or ate anyone, to the best of our knowledge

12 deaths per year – Cows (we’ll cut down on milk, can’t support this)

10 deaths per year – Bees (European Honey Bee)

4 deaths per year – Kangaroos (one half of us enjoys a nice kangaroo steak from Borough Market every now and then, pay-back time)

2.1 deaths per year – Dogs (so unnecessary, it’s such a shame)

2 deaths per year – Snakes (mainly Brown Snakes): 41 recorded deaths between 1980 and 2009. The World’s most venomous snake, also a local, the inland taipan is not known to have killed anyone yet, despite its venom being vicious enough to kill several humans in an instant, apparently it doesn’t like to hang around people

2 deaths per year – Sharks (mainly White Sharks): 25 deaths between 2000 and 2012; 342 since records began in 1788; 95% of the victims were men, which doesn’t reflect well at all on sharks’ attitude towards gender equality

1.35 deaths per year – Ostriches, Emus, Cassowaries; the last fatal attack by the latter was recorded in 1926, but boy are those fellers scary; they’re known to be shy, but if provoked, they’ll chase the offender down at 60km/h and then hammer their 18cm long razor-sharp toes into their victims until they say sorry

Cassowary Bird

1.25 deaths per year – Crocodiles (Salties)

<1 death per year – Box Jellyfish: 66 recorded deaths since records began in 1883

<0.1 deaths per year – Blue-Lined Octopus – 3 confirmed deaths so far; in his TV show, local presenter Steve Backshall came across one of these right in Sydney Harbour; this mollusc has one of the most toxic venoms on the planet and bites cause paralysis within minutes

0 deaths per year – Spiders (mainly Sydney and other Funnel-Web Spiders and Redback Spiders): Nobody in Australia has died from a spider bite since 1979, following the successful introduction of anti-venom for all native species


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