Two hours in Rabat

We had arrived in Rabat the previous night. Once we had finished our breakfast at riad Kalaa 2, packed, stored our luggage, and checked out, we realised that we only had two hours left before we had to be at the station. We still had to buy our tickets before taking the train to Marrakech, where we were going to spend the next four days, doing a Sahara desert tour and a trip to the Atlas mountains.

If you have a chance to stay in Rabat for longer, by all means, do so. We would have loved to explore the city for much longer, but unfortunately we were pressed for time, so tried to make the best of this short visit.

From the riad it is only a five minute walk to the white and blue famous Kasbah des Oudayas, with its fortifications on the top of a hill from which you have beautiful views over the city and the Atlantic Ocean.

From there we made our way back to the riad via Rue des Consuls and the adjacent streets with their souks.

We got a bit distracted by all the hectic bustle on the markets and nearly ended up missing our train to Marrakech. We arrived at the platform one minute after the official departure time, but were lucky that the train was delayed by a whole two minutes, leaving us enough time to hop on.

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