Cornwall – The Most ‘Old English’ Holiday Destination

We’ve been to Cornwall a few times, for the first time in the summer of 2008, just a few weeks after we met. It is probably the most Old English of all UK holiday destinations. We both only moved to the UK ten years ago and only became citizens recently, one of the things we love most in our new home country is that it welcomes foreigners and people from all kinds of different backgrounds, so it is with no ill-conceived nostalgia (or worse) that we call this stretch of land the Most ‘Old English’ holiday destination: 96% White British. We got the impression that Cornwall is also extremely popular among our fellow countrymen and women as a holiday destination. Most of the tourists we met on our travels were English, many from London.

Cornwall - Watergate Bay     Cornwall - Trevone Bay 1

Once we flew into Newquay, which, in hindsight, was not exactly environmentally friendly, but every other time we took the train (5h+). There are sleeper train services available, too (8h).

We liked Newquay with its young surfer town 24h party vibe, but didn’t think it felt much like the rest of Cornwall. We like the latter better, the one with the quiet beaches and little villages along the rugged coastline.

Cornwall - Trevone Beach 1     Cornwall - Padstow 3

Cornwall - Padstow 2     Cornwall - Padstow 1

Cornwall - Land s End coastline     Cornwall - Land s End

Our favourite locations are:

St. Ives (we loved the seals that come right up to the pier)

Trevone Beach and Trevone Bay (rocky cliffs with a giant blow hole)

Porthcurno (don’t miss the amphitheatre)

Land’s End (beautiful coastline)

Isles of Scilly (people don’t lock their cars or houses)

Padstow (the river Camel estuary nearly dries up during low tide and you can walk for miles on the sand)

Cornwall - St Ives 2

Cornwall - Newquay 1

Cornwall - St Ives 1

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